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Beyonce is Truly a Diva


Beyonce is definitely a high-maintenance chick, I always figured as much but I’ve been hearing more and more stories that prove it.  I heard about Beyonce wanting to sing, “I’ll Be There,” at the BET awards and when she wasn’t allowed she decided to regale us with that yawn-worthy performance, that I’m sure she would have done anyway.  

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Beyonce is giving you Sweet Dreams

Beyonce’s new video for Sweet Dreams has been released and I kinda like it.  She reminds me of Kanye because she never gives a literal video instead it’s always something that can be left up to interpretation.  This time she’s departed from the 100% black and white theme but she’s sticking with the idea of being the center of a dance trio.  I’m digging the “round the way girl” dance moves.  She took me back to the ’90s with the “pop the coochie” dance breaks!

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You Wanna Get Fierce?


Beyonce is dropping a new line under the House of Deréon umbrella.  This fall, just in time for the back-to-school season, she and Tina Knowles will introduce Sasha Fierce for Deréon.  The collection will include sportswear, accessories, outerwear, handbags, footwear and jewelry and has already been picked up by stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s and Jimmy Jazz.  The collection wholesales from $25-$75 but will sell in stores for the same prices as the other Dereon clothing. 

Hopefully this stuff won’t be tacky and end up on the racks at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx but that might be wishful thinking.  Jennifer Lopez just shut down production of her Sweetface line and the retail business has been declining for the last few years.  Maybe she’ll get lucky and this stuff will fly off the shelves but I doubt.  The one thing that I have never understood is how stars dress impeccably but when it’s time to make a clothing line they try to feed us crap.  They would do so much better if they gave us the same quality clothing that they like to wear. But that would be too much like right.


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Beyonce and Amber Rose


Yesterday, my sister and I were wondering about Beyonce’s relationship with Kanye’s honeydip,  Amber Rose.  I assumed that they had crossed paths before because of how close Jay-Z and Kanye are but I wondered if Beyonce thought of her as just another chick or if she had a friendship with Amber.  I peeped some pics of the divas at the BET awards and it’s good to see that they have love for each other.  I can’t tell if this is the first time that they’ve met or if their friends and are just happy to see each other.  The way that Amber and Kanye were hugged up at the awards, I think a proposal might soon be in the works. 



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Like Mother…


Beyonce is starting to look more and more like Tina Knowles.  There’s nothing wrong with that because that IS her mother but Tina is one gaudy woman.  Just GAWDDDYYY!!! Beyonce seems to be following right in her mama’s footsteps.  Don’t get it twisted, I think Beyonce is Gorg but she needs to be more consistent. Please leave the sparkly costumes on the stage!  She definitely needs a new style reference point.  If you disagree and want to see more fine fashions from the Knowles clan, check out  I still love this bish!!!


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Beyonce Shuts Down Madison Square


Beyonce performed at Madison Square Garden last night and surprised the crowd when her hubby made an impromptu appearance.  She looks like she was putting in work!! I am still debating on whether I want to go see her when she comes to the Chi.  If I can expect Jigga to pop up then I may cop that ticket.  You also may have heard about the club owner that was threatening to sue Beyonce for backing out of a club performance at the last minute, after paying her $200,000.  Well it seems that the Knowles clan has released the contract to the public to clear her name, click here to see the evidence.  It seems that Beyonce WAS only supposed to make an appearance and not perform.  People always trying to get something for nothing, 200 G’s IS something but in Beyonce’s world, that’s probably not enough to speak let alone sing.

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Cover Girls


J’Adore magazine is dropping a triple cover in celebration of their 2-year anniversary.  The three covers feature supermodel Iman, video vixen Melyssa Ford and a shared cover with Esther Baxter and Gloria Velez.


In other news, burgeoning girl group Richgirl will be joining Beyonce on the North American leg of her “I AM… Tour.”  Audra Simmons, one of the singers in the 4 member group confirmed the news via Twitter. 

“Okay…I just confirmed GREAT news!!!!!! HGIRL is officially opening up for BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! GOD is sooooo good,” Audra Simmons wrote.  This should be a good look for them.


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Above and Beyonce


Yesterday I watched BET’s special sneak preview of Beyonce’s DVD, “Above and Beyonce: The Deluxe Edition of I Am..Sasha Fierce.”  She gave audiences an inside look into the making of her videos from the “I AM…” CD.  She seemed very gracious and sweet but I was still feeling some kinda way after watching the whole thing. I couldn’t tell if her sugary sweet demeanor was genuine or if it was all for the cameras.  Then I remembered a few years back when Beyonce was responsible for a hotel worker being fired just for allegedly taking a picture of her with his camera phone or what about the time she conspicuously pink slipped a lighting engineer while performing for a packed house.  There seems to be more than meets the eye behind that coy smile and even though Beyonce has hella fans she’s like the Kobe of the music industry.  Those that love her, really love her and the ones that hate her, can’t stand her.

She seems to be going for a black-and-white theme for these Sasha Fierce videos and I’m not gonna lie, it’s getting tired.  Bey is still killing the game and she is holding the championship trophy right now.  But she betta hold on tight because Keyshia Cole and Ciara are trying to come for her title.  And I don’t know if they’ll come up short like Lebron and Dwight did.

Peep the new videos that she debuted below:

Doesn’t Kanye’s skin look extra baby soft?

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Too Much of Good Thing

First Beyonce rocked it.  Then Rihanna rocked it.  Then Beyonce rocked it again.  Clarification below:



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U Likey or U Hatey?

Everything is making a comeback.  When leggings and stirrup pants made reappearances I should’ve known that more old-school fashion remixes were in the works.  I asked you guys about harem pants and now I’m noticing that shoulder pads have been on the rise.  What do you think about this trend? Is it a fashion dessert or fashion disaster? You decide!

Click the images to make them larger:





Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice of the Spice Girls) Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice of the Spice Girls)

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