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Editor In Chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, has banned Rihanna from being a cover model on the fashion forward publication.  Wintour is the rumored muse of “The Devil Wears Prada” and has been known to be a BIOTCH with a capital “B”.  Rihanna and HBIC Wintour had supposedly been talking for weeks about her doing a cover for the mag.  Wintour raved about how much Vogue admires RiRi’s style and fashion sense THEN the nude pics hit the net.  After that, NOTHING.  No more discussion, talks, or compliments. Wintour no longer responds to Rihanna’s messages or returns any of her calls! That’s pretty terrible. It seems like Chris Brown continues to ruin her life even from a distance!


And in more cockblockin’ news…Christina Milian is beefin’ with Tierra Mari.  The creator of The Prophet Blog was in a live chat with Tierra and got ALL the tea! 

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Who’s Pulling It Off???



Angela Simmons was seen lunching at The Ivy with a friend wearing this sheer lycra bodysuit and Megan Good rocked the same look earlier this month at a launch party for  rapper Hazel-E.  It’s a very different kinda looked. Who do you think pulled it of? Angela, Megan or neither?

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Eve Sounds Off *Update*

Eve does not Twitter and it wasn’t her that wrote the message below!!


The self-proclaimed “pitbull in a skirt,”  Philly rapper Eve has decided to voice her opinion about the Chris/Rihanna fiasco via her Twitter page.  She posted this:

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Eve is not playing! But I totally feel where she’s coming from.

While we’re on the subject, Rihanna was spotted in London checking out a Beyonce performance. Her friend Shontelle was an opening act. RiRi was seen with her babysitter Jay-Z’s best friend Ty Ty.





Love the Chanel sandal boots! *sigh*

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The Grinding Continues

There have been so many parodies of Spectacular’s grinding spectacle but I found this one exceptionally funny.  The reactions are priceless!

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Overnight Celebrities


The last time I wrote about Overnight Celebrities, Amber Rose was one of the main subjects.  I just knew that she would still have a following when her relationship with Kanye ended.  And she does, her and Yeezy are done-so, for now but the paps are still following this girl around.  Has anyone even heard this girl speak?  I would not be surprised of this chick ends up with her own reality show.

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Return of The Girl Group

I’m on a girl group kick.  I’m really excited to have possible replacements for Destiny’s Child (I already forgot about Danity Kane). Here’s another group of R&B songstresses that are in contention for the Diva Group crown. I don’t know if I like this song yet but it has a very unique sound and I think it might grow on me.  It’s time for something different anyway!

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The Dream’s latest venture is the launch of new girl group Electrik Red.  They’re spunky and have a great energy and I’m not a music expert but I would say their sound is remniscent of some 1980’s girl groups, (they give me that “Sheila E” vibe).  I had been hearing about them but didn’t pay any attention until I saw them on 106 and Park and then peeped pictures of them promoting their album in cardboard on the streets of Hollywood. Any group that’s willing to go to such lengths for some publicity gets my vote! So, I’ve amassed some videos and pics of the group for your viewing and listening pleasure. Go cop that album!

 Click Here for the Lowdown

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Too Much of Good Thing

First Beyonce rocked it.  Then Rihanna rocked it.  Then Beyonce rocked it again.  Clarification below:



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Disturbia Meets Paranoia

Kanye’s new joint with Rihanna has been released. Do you believe the rumors that they’ve been creepin’?  I don’t know why it’s such a revelation on these other gossip sites because I reported on that a long time ago.  They’ve probably been dating since before she broke up with Chris Breezy.  Could’ve been an issue during the infamous fight, maybe?Check out the new video below:

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