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Miss Honey of The Week

Miss Honeys are everywhere.  A Miss Honey is that person at the mall, the club or even the grocery store that just makes you look twice.  They are doing their thing and could care less what you think about it. They offer us fashion tips, makeup advice and sometimes even counsel us on our relationships.  And let’s be honest they do provide us with some comic relief too. They’re fly, fabulous and fierce.



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The Truth


 I am really feeling Drake.  Everybody has been buzzing about him but I didn’t really pay attention.  I just couldn’t get past the fact that he was a rapper from Canada that was a character on Degrassi.   I felt like the game didn’t need another fake thug false flagging about the hard life he really didn’t have. After listening to some of his music, I’ve changed my mind.  The boy has flow, tight lyrics and nice beats. What more could you want? He even has Chi-town flava and you all know I love my city, so that’s a huge compliment coming from me.  I also heard that he’s dating video model Bria Myles and he gets extra cool points because she’s cute as a button.  Okay, maybe “cute” isn’t the right word to describe this sex kitten but y’all know what I mean.  To top it all of, he can sing too!  Check out his some of his songs below and hopefully you’ll fall in love with his music too. 

Click here for more music and pics

Complex Magazine Interview

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U Likey or U Hatey?


Everybody is rockin’ harem pants these days! It just seems like everywhere I look from the runways to the streets these are the hot new thing.  I remember how hot they were when MC Hammer was floating across my video channel wearing these same pants. Now models and actresses have jumped on the bandwagon and are wearing these pants to casual events as well as formal shindigs.  Supposedly the resurgence of this look was brought on by the pants being worn by a very chic French editor and fashion designers took the idea and ran with it. 

“Fashion designers see someone like her and think they look cool,” says Amy Astley, editor in chief of Teen Vogue. “Trends by their very nature aren’t for everyone, but everyone likes to try them.”

I totally agree with that statement, everybody can’t wear everything but you make the decision.  Harem pants… U likey or  U hatey????

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J. Hud Recovers from her Fashion Faux Pas


Jennifer Hudson was on the “Today Show” last week  wearing an ensemble that totally surprised me.  She usually has a lot of style and her divatude always shows through but this outfit was a complete fashion fail.  I know that the harem pants are supposed to be hot right now but they are definitely not for everybody.  But it’s cool because she totally redeemed herself with newly released photos taken by celebrity photographer, Derek Blanks.  She looks absolutely stunning in these photos and you completely forget about the atrociousness of her Today Show get-up.

Click Here for her stunning pictures from the Derek Blanks photoshoot and video from her Today Show performance

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Is “SHE” for real?


Sheree Whitfield, one of the infamous housewives of Atlanta, has debuted her new clothing line “SHE” by Sheree.  It’s good to see that she has finally thrown a fashion show that features actual clothes.  The last fashion show that she put together was a complete mess because she didn’t have ANY clothes to showcase and instead she showed sketches of the clothes that were supposed to be displayed.  Now that she’s designed garments to accompany her catchy label name, maybe she can make some money and stop waiting for that “lump sum” payment that she ain’t ever gonna get from her ex-husband.  All of the housewives came through to support, even Nene!! The Bravo camera were there also so I guess this will be shown on the upcoming second season of the show that will air in July.  Take a look at the clothes from the catwalk and decide if “SHE” has the potential to become a big name fashion house.

Click here for pictures from the show

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Big Hats=Big Style

Celebs showed up and showed out for this year’s Kentucky Derby. They brought out the big hats and showcased their old school glamour. Some looked great and others looked….well just see for yourself!

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Jada Pinkett comes to TNT


Mrs. Smith is returning to tv with a new series on TNT titled “Time Heals.”  She will play the director of nursing at a North Carolina hospital.  Her character is a recently-widowed mother dedicated to getting the right care for her patients even if she has to use unorthodox methods.  The pilot was penned by Emmy Award winner, John Masius, who is best known for his work on the 80’s drama, “St. Elsewhere.” I will definitely be tuning in to this!

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Living Life Like It’s Golden!

jill_scott_is_pregnant Congrats to Jill Scott and her fiance Lil John Roberts on the birth of their baby boy on Monday, April 20.  He was delivered at 4:20 pm and weighed a healthy 7 lbs 8oz.  They have named their bundle of joy Jett Hamilton Roberts.  Jill did not know she could conceive a child and discovered she was pregnant shortly before leaving to Botswana to film her HBO series, “The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.”  She spent her first trimester in Botswana working 14 hour days! Can’t wait to see the baby pics!!!


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Keri Hilson Turns Her Swag On

It’s Miss Keri, babbbyyyy. Listen to her remix of Soulja Boy’s hit song!

Keri Hilson on the cover of J’adore Magazine. She is doing her thang!


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Head Games


Karrine “Superhead” Steffans is claiming that she is now married to her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Darius McCray.  You might remember Darius as Eddie Winslow on “Family Matters” and Karrine is the infamous video vixen that put so many celebrities sex lives on blast. This chick is definitely certifiable and her husband is too just for putting up with her insanity.  Just last year they were accusing each other of abuse and Darius filed a restraining order against Karrine. These two are probably just trying to drum up some publicity because the rent is due.  They soooo deserve each other.

For video of Karrine exposing Darius’ “toys”, click here. <<<<this is hilarious and disturbing all at the same time.

Check out the happy couple!

For more videos and info on Karrine, click here.

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