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Gabby Says It Ain’t So

I am happily married to a pretty famous athlete and I am quite successful myself. I have known Gabrielle for probably as long as I’ve known my husband. I often heard disgusting rumors about her, but dismissed them. I am not one to get caught up in gossip, as my husband and I are often subjected to it ourselves. In any case, the rumors would not even affect me if they were true, as long as they had nothing to do with me. I have heard about Gabrielle being very promiscuous, but that never bothered me. She was always very pleasant when I came into contact with her and that’s all that mattered. She seemed to be working hard at her “success” and I respect ambition. Rumors flooded even throughout her marriage with Chris. Her affairs with so many…young, old, married, divorced…were no secrets. Boris, Darren, Jason, Derek, Jamie, Hill, Ludacris and the list CONTINUES!

Again, it had no affect on me. I certainly did not agree that she was the mistress to several married men, but it was not
my life. I felt as though Gabrielle was searching for something she would never find and I often felt sorry for her. Two years ago, while attending the NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas with my husband, I ran into Gabrielle there as well. At this time, she was telling me about a man she had been interested in, but i didn’t pay much attention to it. About a week later, I heard a rumor that she was romantically involved with Dwyane Wade that same weekend (while might i add, his wife was there). What I found ironic was that…Dwyane was not who she had been telling me about. Again, I let it slide.

For the following year, Gabrielle continued to do as she pleased, I saw her on several occasions with a variety of different men. The rumor of her and Dwyane continued as well. This past year, the news seemed to be that Gabrielle and Dwyane were officially a couple. Although I knew in my mind that Gabrielle was not settled in this supposed “relationship” with a man who is a decade her junior, it was not my concern. I no longer felt sorry for her, but rather for Dwyane. He seems to not know any better. I can understand that he is newly single and is more than likely exploring his options. But to hear that he has assumed Gabrielle as his girlfriend disappoints me. I have met Dwyane a few times as well through my husband and he seems like a true gentlemen, someone with traditional values…but who has become caught up in the “celebrity world”.

The reason for my article is not because I am thaaat concerned with Gabrielle or Dwyane or anyone else mentioned here. The reason for this is because Gabrielle has now gone too far. She has approached MY husband. Over the past 2 weeks, I have found SEVERAL emails from Ms.Gabby. When does this woman stop? Although my husband is not innocent, as he did give Gabrielle his email address and phone number, he was smarter than to engage in her UNACCEPTABLE behavior. This is a woman whom I know, and have spent time around. I cannot grasp what goes on in her mind. I asked my husband why he was not inclined to be drawn in by Gabrielle and he gave me an honest answer, he said “she’s DANGEROUS”. When will this woman stop? To me, she seems to have Dwyane fooled…so why not continue to fool him and leave other women’s men alone. At almost 40, it is revolting to be acting as a 20 year old. Someone help her please. I will post this article AS MANY PLACES as I can to ensure that women (especially those with rich and famous men) are aware of this woman. I hope no other man or woman has to fall victim to Ms. Gabrielle Union.


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