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Culture Corner

Tune in to the Travel Channel for a different kind of reality.

Cincinnati linebacker Dhani Jones, has a new show on the Travel Channel that allows him to tackle more than other players on the field.  The show combines sports and travel as Dhani visits various countries, hones his skill in a sport in eight days and then competes at that sport’s highest level.  Check out Dhani Tackles the Globe on Mondays at 9 pm/8 central on The Travel Channel.

Some other ideas for unconventional adventures are checking out local bookstores for author signings (you’d be surprised at how accessible your fav authors are at these events), going to the free day at the museum or go to the movies (not the latest blockbuster) change it up and go see an indy film before it blows up (Slumdog Millionaire was an unexpected hit and was initially released in limited theaters). 

For my Chicagoans, you can check out a play at ETA Creative Arts Foundation or go to for exclusive and fashionable events.


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