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The Essence Music Festival


The Essence Music Festival blew through Nawlins’  and all of those lucky enough to go enjoyed performances from hella artists over the fourth of July holiday weekend. I think it’s so funny how Tenille is so extra about her man Ne-Yo, she makes SURE that the public knows that he is absolutely taken.  Did you guys peep her at the pre-show for the BET awards? She was up on stage with him when he was picking the winner of his dance contest.  She didn’t have a purpose up there except to let us know that she has that on LOCK!

Peep pics after the break!

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Boo’d Up: Lance Gross and Eva Marcille


Eva Marcille and Lance Grohss are my favorite celebrity couple right now.  They are engaged, happy and loving each other all over the place.  Eva hosted a party for her boo at The Kress in Hollywood for his 28th birthday.  Invited guests included Tatyana Ali, Jill Marie Jones and Tony Rock.  Eva and Lance are gonna have some beautiful babies, I wish they would hurry up and set the wedding date so that I can post the pics! 

 Peep the party pics after the break.

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Beyonce is Truly a Diva


Beyonce is definitely a high-maintenance chick, I always figured as much but I’ve been hearing more and more stories that prove it.  I heard about Beyonce wanting to sing, “I’ll Be There,” at the BET awards and when she wasn’t allowed she decided to regale us with that yawn-worthy performance, that I’m sure she would have done anyway.  

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Rumor Mill: Raven-Symone had a baby???


Rumor has it that America’s sweetheart, Raven-Symone, supposedly gave birth a couple of months ago and kept the whole pregnancy under wraps.  Raven and her publicist adamantly denied these claims and it makes sense that if she was pregnant, she would’ve admitted to it.  At 24 years old, she’s a grown woman and there’s no reason for her to hide a pregnancy and a beautiful baby girl.  The father of the baby was rumored to be her best friend Jussie Smollet, who happens to be Jurnee Smollet’s brother.  Does anybody else remember when all of the Smollet children had a tv show? What happened to great sitcoms like that? But, I digress.  Anyway, according to the baby, Lilianna Jade Pearman was allegedly born in an Atlanta hospital.    I doubt that this is true because aside from the fact that Raven is grown as all get out,  Jussie looks Miss Honey certified and I doubt that he is hitting that.  This rumor is very suspect so take this one with a grain of salt.


 pics ganked from

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Nivea Shows off Her Bump


Nivea showed up at a showcase for one of her artists and she was showing off her baby bump.  I guess there was no way that Nivea was going to be upstaged by the premiere of Lauren London’s preggers belly at Diddy’s White party.  From the looks of things, Lauren is farther along than Nivea.  I wonder if their kids will look just alike…I would pay to see this love triangle on Maury. 


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Bethenny Frankel Finally Finds Love


If you watch The Real Housewives of New York then you know that Bethenny Frankel has been hard up for a man since the show’s inception.  During the two seasons of the show, she was admittedly worried that she could never “have it all” referring to a successful career as well as a love life.  The celeb chef found a boo at Tenjune a nightclub in Manhattan’s meatpacking district.  Bethenny’s new beau, Jason Hoppy, works in real estate and has already hooked her ring finger up with some bling that has sparked rumor of an engagement.  The couple is not engaged but Bethenny refers to the ring as a “placeholder” for the real thing.  Hoppy will appear in the third season of The RHONY and hopefully this will add some spice to the show.

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The Dream and C. Mili Still Going Strong


Christina Milian and The Dream surprised us all when they started kicking it hard but after seeing them boo’d up all the time, the engagement announcement wasn’t as surprising.  Now it’s just getting to be too much with their nude pictures being plastered all over the “innanet.”  The Dream must really be feeling himself because Christina seems to be wayyyy out of his league.  The again, he has mad hits on the radio and she has…..ummmm…what does she have going on?


Besides gracing the last cover of Vibe magazine, the happy couple was spotted in Vegas over the weekend.  The Dream performed at JET nightclub in Vegas while his boo happily cheered him on.  At least they’re  happy and if the baby looks like her than they’ll have pretty kids.   Oh and the kids will be talented…I knew there was SOMETHING positive about this.


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Beyonce and Amber Rose


Yesterday, my sister and I were wondering about Beyonce’s relationship with Kanye’s honeydip,  Amber Rose.  I assumed that they had crossed paths before because of how close Jay-Z and Kanye are but I wondered if Beyonce thought of her as just another chick or if she had a friendship with Amber.  I peeped some pics of the divas at the BET awards and it’s good to see that they have love for each other.  I can’t tell if this is the first time that they’ve met or if their friends and are just happy to see each other.  The way that Amber and Kanye were hugged up at the awards, I think a proposal might soon be in the works. 



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Tameka Foster’s BFF Speaks Out


Tameka Foster’s best friend, Nyeisha DeWitt, spoke to Essence magazine earlier this week to clear some things up about the relationship between Tameka and Usher.  I planned on posting this story earlier this week but was sidetracked and when I went back to Essence for the scoop, the story was totally gone.  I wonder what’s up with that? I found some of the interview and you can read it below:

ESSENCE.COM: Is it true she first learned that Usher filed for divorce after reading about it?
DEWITT: She didn’t know that he was going to file. Of course, she knew that there were challenges in their relationship and had been some discord since March and was aware there were some things that needed to be worked through. But did she know that divorce was imminent? No. It was a total surprise.

ESSENCE.COM: To your knowledge, is it true that they’ve been separated for the past year?
DEWITT: That’s not true and there’s proof of that if people would take the time to do their research. I was at her birthday party that he hosted in Las Vegas this past January and he flew in all of her family and close friends to celebrate. When I read that people were reporting they’d been separated for a year I’m thinking, That’s insane!, because that would mean he left her when she was two months pregnant with Naviyd, and Usher Raymond, V, was only five months old.

ESSENCE.COM: Was Tameka also caught off guard by the images of Usher and Def Jam’s Grace Miguel?
DEWITT: I don’t know what it is or isn’t. What I admire about Tameka is that, despite all the gossip, she isn’t bitter or hardened by it. I don’t know how she does it especially with children [from a previous relationship] old enough to read the lies that are written. It’s like having to keep your hands at your side while someone repeatedly punches you in your face.

ESSENCE.COM: Despite owning her business and a successful career as a stylist, Tameka is often perceived as a gold digger. Why is that?
DEWITT: I have no idea. I know how hard she worked to build her business. She was pulling in at least a quarter of a million dollar salary working with Usher, Lauryn Hill and others, so to negate her personal success as an entrepreneur is wrong. After marriage she chose to be a mother and wife and focus on doing more charity work.

ESSENCE.COM: Is it true she flew to Brazil to have liposuction and subsequently went into cardiac arrest during surgery?
DEWITT: Yes, she went to Brazil with friends but decided to have the surgery on a whim. And yes, she did go into cardiac arrest but she never had the surgery. What she had was an allergic reaction to the anesthesia which prevented her from going through with the surgery.

ESSENCE.COM: Do you think she still loves him?
DEWITT: You’re married until the divorce is official. Just because she’s going through this process doesn’t mean that the loyalty and love she has for him is gone. It would be dishonest to say that she doesn’t still love him and isn’t hurting. Again, the idea that people are excited to see her in pain and going through this with her children is so beyond my comprehension. These bloggers talk about her as if she has personally harmed them. They don’t know the woman I know, and to discredit her as a mom or wife is insane. My hope is that people will not rejoice in anyone’s failed marriage and allow Usher and Tameka to go through their process privately.

After  a little research, I believe that the woman on the right is Tameka Foster's best friend Nyeisha DeWitt.  If you know otherwise let me know!

After a little research, I believe that the woman on the right is Tameka Foster's best friend Nyeisha DeWitt. If you know otherwise let me know!

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That Load is Ready to Drop


Jennifer Hudson was spotted eating at Chitpotle with her fiance David Otunga aka Dawson Alexander bka Punk.  That load is about ready to drop and I really hope that he’s in it for the long haul with her.  He better not try to stick her for her papers or bounce when the baby is born.  I was always leery abut this relationship but after what happened to Jill Scott and her ex-fiance/ baby daddy, I’m extra suspicious.  I’m just not sure about marrying an ex-reality show contestant that was shedding tears on national television for the love of New York.  Hopefully, he proves me wrong and they have a long, beautiful marriage but I got my eye on you Punk!


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