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Sanaa Lathan-Nice Chick or Rich B*tch?

First it was Regina Hall, the chick from the “Scary Movie” franchise.  They were just sooo close and were even living together at one point while Regina’s home was undergoing renovations. So what the hell happened? Could it be that Regina’s stock went down when Sanaa realized that there wouldn’t be a Scary Movie 24? (how many damn Scary Movies were there anway?)  The next victim was Gabrielle Union.  They did the cover of Essence together with Nia Long and became inseparable.  You know Nia has always been my girl but she ain’t had a gig in a minute so you know Sanaa didn’t give a damn about her. Gabby and Sanaa were kickin’ it everywhere together. Even on some double dates with D. Wade and Adewale Ogunleye (they love the athletes, don’t they?).   But forget Gabby, when Taraji was nominated for an Oscar, Sanaa had to get her some of that!  They were in that movie together but the friendship seemed to blossom way after that movie was filmed.  And now, move over Taraji, there’s a new booty bestie in town!  Sanaa is now kickin’ it with everybody’s favorite media-whore, Kim Kardashian.  WTF is up with that? Kim and Sanaa together is like eating spam and caviar, it just don’t mix.  So is Sanaa just an opportunistic diva that will step on anybody to get where she wants to be? Or is she just a socialite that makes friends everywhere she goes and can’t help the fact that people are drawn to her? What do you think? Is Sanaa a nice chick or a rich b*tch?

Click here to see a gallery of Sanaa and her girls


3 Responses

  1. Kendra says:

    That is an AMAZING point!! I never would have put that together, but she does seem to jump from person to person. Whoever is hot at the moment, that’s a little disheartening.

    • therealhousewifeofcookcounty says:

      I’m just throwing it out there. You know the Sanaa fans are probably gonna kill me and hide my body!!! Thanks for commenting!

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