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Beyonce Shuts Down Madison Square


Beyonce performed at Madison Square Garden last night and surprised the crowd when her hubby made an impromptu appearance.  She looks like she was putting in work!! I am still debating on whether I want to go see her when she comes to the Chi.  If I can expect Jigga to pop up then I may cop that ticket.  You also may have heard about the club owner that was threatening to sue Beyonce for backing out of a club performance at the last minute, after paying her $200,000.  Well it seems that the Knowles clan has released the contract to the public to clear her name, click here to see the evidence.  It seems that Beyonce WAS only supposed to make an appearance and not perform.  People always trying to get something for nothing, 200 G’s IS something but in Beyonce’s world, that’s probably not enough to speak let alone sing.


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