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Rihanna got humped/Ashanti got dumped


Irv Gotti claims that he’s dropping Ashanti from Murder Inc.  Is he serious? When is the last time Ashanti released an album? Or better yet, when is the last time that anyone from Murder Inc. has done anything?  Who are the artists on the label?  Let’s see, there’s Ashanti, Ja Rule, Lloyd and that chick that plays the piano and I would be lying if I said that I remember her name.  Out of ALL those people I would say that Ashanti is the most popular and her last single was hot but I can’t remember the name of that either.  Am I getting amnesia or are The Inc.’s projects VERY few and VERY far between?  I think Ashanti’s better off with her boo Nelly, they just need to come out with a hot single and make it do what it do.   Watching Irv Gotti scream at his wife and tell his friends that she’s not “whorish” enough for him has shown me what he’s really about.  He’s probably just mad at Ashanti because she will no longer be his in-house bustdown.Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to be sweating the small stuff, check her out partying at Prive in Vegas below. 


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  1. […] Rihanna got humped/Ashanti got dumped […]

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