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Is “SHE” for real?


Sheree Whitfield, one of the infamous housewives of Atlanta, has debuted her new clothing line “SHE” by Sheree.  It’s good to see that she has finally thrown a fashion show that features actual clothes.  The last fashion show that she put together was a complete mess because she didn’t have ANY clothes to showcase and instead she showed sketches of the clothes that were supposed to be displayed.  Now that she’s designed garments to accompany her catchy label name, maybe she can make some money and stop waiting for that “lump sum” payment that she ain’t ever gonna get from her ex-husband.  All of the housewives came through to support, even Nene!! The Bravo camera were there also so I guess this will be shown on the upcoming second season of the show that will air in July.  Take a look at the clothes from the catwalk and decide if “SHE” has the potential to become a big name fashion house.

Click here for pictures from the show


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“I’m the Vaccine for Bitchassness!”


Last night, the girls of Day 26, once again had a few catfights.  It was so cute how they kissed and made up in the end.  After all of that fighting, they just came to the conclusion that they want to be friends again? HMMMM….I just don’t understand what the damn problem was in the first place.  I wonder if Dawn ever gets tired of playing therapist to her unstable boyfriend.  She’s like the stay-at-home mom that watches the babies while Daddy Diddy is at work.  They’re all so scared of what Daddy is gonna say when he gets home. “Don’t tell Daddy we had a fight, please don’t tell Daddy.”   So Diddy’s solution? Give Que a timeout!  It’s a shame that a grown ass man needs another grown ass man to give him a TIMEOUT!!  Then Diddy tells everybody if you leave Bad Boy, you end up naked.  Straight shot at Aubrey.  But this wasn’t the only Aubrey diss.  Rob accuses Que of breaking up the group and calls him Aubrey. Que gets so hurt because he said Rob called him the devil. Well, damn. Aubrey=Devil??? Well, the so-called Devil is sittin’ pretty in a five-bedroom home in Palm Springs and she surely is not working at Mickey D’s.  Maybe Que should take a page outta Aubrey’s book and leave the group. Maybe he would finally make some damn money.  Check out the video from last night’s episode below and peep Aubrey’s house on MTV cribs by clicking here.

Peep the rest of the episode here.

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