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Beyonce is Truly a Diva


Beyonce is definitely a high-maintenance chick, I always figured as much but I’ve been hearing more and more stories that prove it.  I heard about Beyonce wanting to sing, “I’ll Be There,” at the BET awards and when she wasn’t allowed she decided to regale us with that yawn-worthy performance, that I’m sure she would have done anyway.  

The latest dish is that Beyonce does not allow photographers to take pictures of her when she’s sweaty during her concerts.  Supposedly, photographers are only allowed to shoot her from flattering angles when she gets good and sweaty.


In a recently revealed blind item:

This married A list female singer has a very funny way of working. For example, when she is scheduled to shoot a music video she shows up at one time of day and one time of day only. If the director schedules a 7am shoot, that is great, but our singer is not going to show up until 11. No, not 11am. That would only be four hours late. Nope, our singer only shoots videos at 11pm. No one knows if it is her playing diva or because she can’t get going until that time of night. No one wants to work on her videos anymore unless they are paid the very top rate available plus overtime due to all the down time and waiting and waiting. Because of the diva attitude, her videos cost an extra $25,000-30,000 a day to shoot than they would if she showed on time.

What I don’t understand is why the video directors and staff don’t just show up at 10pm and get their extra loot and be cool with it?

In other news, The Game is trying to use Beyonce to ruffle Jay-Z’s feathers.  During a concert in Madrid, he decided to say that Beyonce slept with every sports team in Texas.  I wonder if Jigga will even give this fool a reply.


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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I cnt biliv dat she is a diva, bt if she is itz kul

  2. Morejuice says:

    I cnt biliv dat she is a diva, bt if she is itz kul

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