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Beyonce is Truly a Diva


Beyonce is definitely a high-maintenance chick, I always figured as much but I’ve been hearing more and more stories that prove it.  I heard about Beyonce wanting to sing, “I’ll Be There,” at the BET awards and when she wasn’t allowed she decided to regale us with that yawn-worthy performance, that I’m sure she would have done anyway.  

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Tony Rock VS. LisaRaye


Tony Rock recently gave his uncensored opinion of LisaRaye McCoy as he let the public know what happened to the sitcom, “All of Us,” that featured the two along with Duane Martin and early on Elis Neal.  Here’s what he said:

“What happened? Oh I’ma keep it real….. that b–ch LisaRaye! That b–ch LisaRaye got married to that fake prince dude from that Island and decided that she didn’t want to do the show no more. She just said f–k the rest of us. Then dude cheated on her, beat her ass and now their divorced! I’m telling y’all karma is real….”

He held no punches! I don’t blame him for his anger though, times are tough and you can’t be blocking anybody’s hustle.  But let’s be honest Tony, I’m pretty sure that ratings had a little to do with the cancellation also. 

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