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The Groupie Hierarchy

From an “Industry Insider”:

1st the show is fake! i know all these chick …I’m a ex video vixen, I’ve been a Lead in more videos than all the Girls on the show . Also i was wonder why wouldnt they have well-Known video girls like myself . Shelly Rio , Ivonnah Erskine , Esther Baxter , Bria Myles , Brittany Daliey , or Dollica Bryan.. oh cant forget my girl Lola Luv… now all these models people know their faces from top hip hop / Mens magazines and as lead models in Music videos . Not lets get to the good Part! the RUN Down on the “CANDY Girls” !

BROOKE- shes from la , she acts like she so damn classy like she was born with a sliver spoon in her mouth , until she open her mouth! can i say BOug-hetto! oh yea and she has like 3 KIDS!!she try to keep that a sercet , but i found out about that a from Danielle a while back ! Danielle has the Biggest mouth ever! She Fucks for money and is a old ass GROUPIE
Brookes hit list
cuttino mobley
Los angeles Clippers (various players)
a few Rappers *****…

TERRICKA- where do i start.. shes know in the industry as the Athlete / rapper GROUPIE , she been a jumpoff for ,yeas she went to college Cal state northrigde , has a daughter by some average joe. and is Knocked up by a San Diego Charger
Terrickas hit list
*Gibert Arenas- NBA (wizards)
*D Wade- NBA ( Miami Heat ) while he was messing with Hoops (flavor of love ) which is her friend too!
*Shuan Phillips- NFL ( San Diego Chargers)
*Antonio Cromartie – NFL (San Diego Charges)
actually she pregnant by Antonio Cromartie.
* Jackie Long – Actor ( movie ATL)
* Chingy
and so many more!! OH i almost forgot! TERRICKA has a SEXTAPE Out with her and some NBA player , Its been all around the industry..TERRICKa is Trash !

Danielle Daronda Crawley- YES she is a LESBIAN ! she use to date the raper “Da Brat” for years!!! she hangs with all the lesbians in the industry oh yea she also dates rapper T.I ’s stylist (google her). she use to work for Nick Cannon as his (Personal/Girl catcher assistant) for like 3 years. But He Fired her ass Because She the Biggest LIAR you can meet and DRAMA Starter there is on the PLANET!! then shortly after she started working for NEYO while he was on tour , only cuz her sister use to Date him ,and if he wanted girls Dainelle would bring the girls!! but she was fired cuz she caused so much drama among his backup dancers… its like a Black cloud hanging over her head !oh and how could i forget about Chingy she use to be one of his many L.A. jumpoffs…

“Belle agency” is FAKE they just came up with the Name for the Show! Every Urban Model in the Industry knows Mr. “FRED JOHNSON” of Visionary Casting has been the casting director 4 Damn Near! every Music Video since the late 90’s til 2009 ! , (GOOGLE HIM) and Anissa Williams,& PabloWho! thes 3 names are all the Biggest Music video Casting Directors in LA! oh who remember the E! special about “Video Vixen’s” Mr. Fred Johnson was on there and PabloWho , as the current casting directors…. Was Danielle , or the “candy girls” on that show NO!
oh yeah Pablo and Fred johnson have had terricka come to their castings all the time but she rarley gets booked on a job ! same goes for olivia and that UGLY spanish girl Blanca.


2 Responses

  1. […] of the show.  If you want to know who’s sleeping with who and who may be a lesbian, click here. Antonio Cromartie, Terricka Cason, and her daughter […]

  2. lisa says:

    We know he posted this. Its little ass Nicolle. Yeah lil Nikki. You are the biggest little groupie and it takes one to know one. You have been riding coat tails for years.nice boob job. You have no real talent so you decide to trash talk, oh yeah maybe lingerie footbal is a talent. Yeah fing right. Everyone knows who you have smashed, and they have you stressing so hard your the three pieces of hair you still have on your head are falling out. Keep talking, you know me. So I don’t think you wanna do that baby girl. : )

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