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Above and Beyonce


Yesterday I watched BET’s special sneak preview of Beyonce’s DVD, “Above and Beyonce: The Deluxe Edition of I Am..Sasha Fierce.”  She gave audiences an inside look into the making of her videos from the “I AM…” CD.  She seemed very gracious and sweet but I was still feeling some kinda way after watching the whole thing. I couldn’t tell if her sugary sweet demeanor was genuine or if it was all for the cameras.  Then I remembered a few years back when Beyonce was responsible for a hotel worker being fired just for allegedly taking a picture of her with his camera phone or what about the time she conspicuously pink slipped a lighting engineer while performing for a packed house.  There seems to be more than meets the eye behind that coy smile and even though Beyonce has hella fans she’s like the Kobe of the music industry.  Those that love her, really love her and the ones that hate her, can’t stand her.

She seems to be going for a black-and-white theme for these Sasha Fierce videos and I’m not gonna lie, it’s getting tired.  Bey is still killing the game and she is holding the championship trophy right now.  But she betta hold on tight because Keyshia Cole and Ciara are trying to come for her title.  And I don’t know if they’ll come up short like Lebron and Dwight did.

Peep the new videos that she debuted below:

Doesn’t Kanye’s skin look extra baby soft?


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One Response

  1. kunta says:

    really? is she serious?? not just the black and white but wassup with the swinsuits in every video? and that nasty puff in the front of her head??!! bey is just tired and sure k and cia can take over cause neither of them bitches can sing either!

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