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Milian vs. Mari

“After Christina Milian was dropped from Def Jam in 2006 after her third album “So Amazin‘” bombed in the charts, the singer inked a new deal with MySpace Records. According to Teairra “nobody wanted to fuck with Christina” after her Def Jam departure, but MySpace went out on a limb and started investing a lot of time and money into her “Dream In Color” project. Unfortunately for them though Christina met producer The-Dream, and shortly after recording together the two formed a romantic relationship and Christina high tailed it out of MySpace with barely a words notice, instead choosing to sign with The-Dreams Radio Killa Records.MySpace were understandably a little upset after taking a chance on the “Dip It Low” diva when nobody else would, but since Christina didn’t pay for or own any of her recordings the label kept the tracks to give to other artists. Luckily for Teairra who was friends with the person who had helped get Christina signed, they sent her over “Diamonds” and she loved it, immediately recording her own version for her sophomore album “At That Point“. A little while later the song leaked online and received fantastic feedback, so Teairra and her label decided to go with it as the follow-up single to “Cause A Scene” featuring Flo-Rida.

Well Christina wasn’t happy when she heard about it, and started kicking up a fuss behind the scenes to get Teairra to drop the song, even though Christina herself didn’t own the track and had never paid for it in the first place. Kanye West (who is close friends with both The-Dream and Christina Milian) then got back to Teairra and tried to charge her 200k to shoot the video. Teairra said she couldn’t afford 200k for his appearance fee, and according to her, Christina Milian used her relationship with The-Dream to convince Kanye to put the price up on the video so she wouldn’t be able to afford it and release it. Shortly after the drama went down Christina’s own version of “Diamonds” conveniently leaked online.

Teairra also added that she understood that Kanye’s price would be high because of who he is, but that she half expected him to cut her some slack since the two had been “cool with each other” when she was signed to Def Jam, and that herself being a struggling artist thought that Kanye would’ve helped her out since he was once in the same position, rather then letting somebody else influence his decision. She also implied that Kanye had never treated her the same since she was dropped from Def Jam.”

Ain’t that a mess?! What’s wrong with C. Mili? She hatin’ on the next artist because the only way that she would find a hit is if it was in the bottom of a bottle of blonde hair dye! (She supposedly passed on SOS and Rihanna made that a hit!!)  Now that she’s engaged to The Dream, let’s hope that he can produce some hot tracks for her.  But then again The Dream was married to Nivea and we see where that got her! And if you don’t know what’s been up with Nivea these days then you’re just going to have to read my next post to find out.  Listen to both song versions below:


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