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J. Hud Recovers from her Fashion Faux Pas


Jennifer Hudson was on the “Today Show” last week  wearing an ensemble that totally surprised me.  She usually has a lot of style and her divatude always shows through but this outfit was a complete fashion fail.  I know that the harem pants are supposed to be hot right now but they are definitely not for everybody.  But it’s cool because she totally redeemed herself with newly released photos taken by celebrity photographer, Derek Blanks.  She looks absolutely stunning in these photos and you completely forget about the atrociousness of her Today Show get-up.

Click Here for her stunning pictures from the Derek Blanks photoshoot and video from her Today Show performance


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One Response

  1. T says:

    This is a hot burning mess. She’s usually so fly too. Jenny, this is your one day to mess up. We don’t want to see you fall off this bad EVER again!

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