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My Boyfriend’s Back!


Maxwell has been hard at work promoting his new album BLACKsummer’snight with tv appearances and concert perfomances.  I have been to 2 Maxwell concerts and I think that everyone need to experience this man’s voice live.  He is The TRUTH!!

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Nivea Shows off Her Bump


Nivea showed up at a showcase for one of her artists and she was showing off her baby bump.  I guess there was no way that Nivea was going to be upstaged by the premiere of Lauren London’s preggers belly at Diddy’s White party.  From the looks of things, Lauren is farther along than Nivea.  I wonder if their kids will look just alike…I would pay to see this love triangle on Maury. 


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Beyonce is giving you Sweet Dreams

Beyonce’s new video for Sweet Dreams has been released and I kinda like it.  She reminds me of Kanye because she never gives a literal video instead it’s always something that can be left up to interpretation.  This time she’s departed from the 100% black and white theme but she’s sticking with the idea of being the center of a dance trio.  I’m digging the “round the way girl” dance moves.  She took me back to the ’90s with the “pop the coochie” dance breaks!

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African Inspired Couture


Fashion designers are starting to look east for inspiration and are using colorful prints and patterns to convey a fashionable message on the runway.  These textured fabrics are not only remniscent of traditional African cloth but are, in many cases, authentic materials straight from the continent.  The designs are contemporary, fashion-forward and fabulous.


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ATL Reality Chicks Hit Up Twist


Tiny and Toya were spotted by photographer Freddy O., at Twist restaurant in Atlanta.  No sooner than they were spotted, ATL housewife Sheree was seen at the next table.  Coincidence? Maybe. 

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VH1 will help ANYBODY find a mate


Three familiar faces will be getting their very own “Flavor of Love”  type of shows on VH1.  TLC’s, Chilli, Salt-N-Pepa’s, Pepa and VH1’s own, The Entertainer will all be looking for love on VH1 very soon.  Here’s the press release:

VH1 has given the green light to three new series starring pseudonymous talent. TLC’s “Chilli,” Salt n’ Pepa’s “Pepa” and “The Entertainer” from I Love NY and I Love Money will all star in new shows for the network in 2010. VH1 has also ordered a second season of Sober House with Dr. Drew and a seventh season of Celebrity Fit Club.

The untitled Pepa series is being billed as a “real life comedy” following Sandra “Pepa” Dalton as she searches for love after four years of celibacy. VH1 has picked up eight half hour episodes of the series.

The Chilli Project (working title) will feature the former TLC star searching for love with the help of relationship expert Tionna Smalls. The network has ordered eight half hour episodes of the program, which is from FremantleMedia North America.

The Entertainer will use a similar format to the network’s other dating shows, bringing together a group of young bachelorettes that try to woo Frank “The Entertainer” Moresco’s heart, and help him move out of his parent’s basement. VH1 has ordered 10 one hour episodes.

It’s kind of crazy how everyone goes on national tv to look for love and then surprise surprise, they realize that all of the contestants on the show are already actors, singers, pornstars, etc. and when they finally find a match they can’t stay together long enough to even make it to the reunion show.  But, no matter how fake it is, I always end up falling into the trap of tuning in every week.

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Frankie is Engaged???


Keyshia Cole’s biological mother, Frankie, is a straight fool.  She’s just gotten engaged to her 22 year old boyfriend,Mon, and got his name tattoed on her lower back.  She claims that he wanted her to get the tattoo right above her derriere so that he could “hit it every night.” EWWWWWWW.  Tatting the names of the men in their lives must run in the family because Keyshia recently got her man’s name, D. Gibson, inked on her shoulder and Neffe has a huge forearm tattoo of her baby daddy’s name.  Whatever happened to showing your committment by getting a wedding ring? Am I old fashioned for even writing that?



At least we know that this will be good fodder for the upcoming Frankie and Neffe show.  Will you be tuning in?

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Drake Urges You to Stay Strapped

I guess this is a good way to bounce back from a performance advocating sex while pre-pubescent girls shake it fast on the stage.  Drake has teamed up with “Stay Strapped Condoms”  and tells fans to “get informed, not infected.”  I surely hope that the youth, as well as everyone else, listens to this message as much as they’ve been listening to his mixtape joints.

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Look What the Wind Blew In


Jay-Z, Ciara and Fabolous were here in Chi-town last night and lit up the stage at the Charter One Pavillion.

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Bethenny Frankel Finally Finds Love


If you watch The Real Housewives of New York then you know that Bethenny Frankel has been hard up for a man since the show’s inception.  During the two seasons of the show, she was admittedly worried that she could never “have it all” referring to a successful career as well as a love life.  The celeb chef found a boo at Tenjune a nightclub in Manhattan’s meatpacking district.  Bethenny’s new beau, Jason Hoppy, works in real estate and has already hooked her ring finger up with some bling that has sparked rumor of an engagement.  The couple is not engaged but Bethenny refers to the ring as a “placeholder” for the real thing.  Hoppy will appear in the third season of The RHONY and hopefully this will add some spice to the show.

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