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Essence FINALLY Gets It Right


I have long been a fan of Essence magazine, even after it was bought by Time Warner and was no longer a Black-owned magazine.  I’m aware that print media is losing its popularity and I think I’m one of the few people that will still buy a magazine.  I’ve always been a subscriber to magazines that I can relate to like Honey, Suede, Vibe Vixen, etc.  because I love the glossy covers, high fashion spreads  and the celeb interviews.  What I have been noticing whenever I hit up a local drugstore and browse through the mags is that EVERY cover features the same people over and over again. 


It was refreshing to get my mail today and see a familiar yet not so overused face on the cover of my new Essence magazine.  Idris Elba’s smile paired with that British accent makes him a main character in the dreams and fantasies of many women.  It’s only fitting that he would grace the cover of Essence’s 2009 Bachelor Issue, which features men that they describe as “hot, sexy, single.” 

Essence’s list of eligble millionaires includes:

Bryan-Michael Cox-Atlanta based producer that you may recognize from Jermaine Dupri’s online reality series “Living the Life,” Cox is a member of the “Oceans 7” clique.

Dwight Freeney-An NFL player that claims he’s open to love and is prepared to make a commitment to the right woman.

Jason Robertson-President and CEO of Planned Packaging of Illinois Corp., a distributor of industrial supplies.  And to all my Cook County ladies, he lives in Chicago!!

There are more eligible bachelors listed in this issue along with money saving tips, resume advice and fashion.  If you aren’t 100% loyal to the internet and don’t mind dishing a few bucks on an archaic form of entertainment, grab a copy of this month’s Essence.  It’s a keeper.


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3 Responses

  1. Tea says:

    Ooh wee, is this going to be in my mailbox when I get home. I might have to add him to the plethora of men I have hanging up in my office: Reggie Bush, John Legend, Will Smith and President Obama. YEZZIR!

    P.S. I love Essence, but they have been losing their damn minds lately. Suggesting single women mind men in a strip club… really Essence? Do better.

  2. therealhousewifeofcookcounty says:

    See? That’s what I’m taliking about. Magazines are losing subscribers and that for damn sure isn’t the way to keep customers. Strip clubs? Really???

  3. Tea says:

    Yeah, and T.O. is naked on page 54. I’m just sayin’.

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