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African Inspired Couture


Fashion designers are starting to look east for inspiration and are using colorful prints and patterns to convey a fashionable message on the runway.  These textured fabrics are not only remniscent of traditional African cloth but are, in many cases, authentic materials straight from the continent.  The designs are contemporary, fashion-forward and fabulous.


When I was a little girl, I remember my mother going through her Vlisco catalogues to pick out the cloth for her custom-made garments.  For years, I’ve recognized the Vlisco name as the ultimate source for quality African fabric.  As I was researching information for this article, I came across the Vlisco website and I immediately got nostalgic.  After the memories faded, I was quickly snapped back to the present by the GORGEOUS designs displayed on the website.  The fabric was the foundation for FIERCE, one of a kind, dress designs. In February, Vlisco sponsored the “Vlisco Urban Beat Fashion Event” which allowed young designers to showcase their collections in hopes of becoming Nigeria’s next design star.  Vlisco is determined to increase the visibility of African designers.  “We are not only training up and coming designers; we are putting them on a platform which gives them utmost confidence that translates to the jump start of their careers. This is a fashion show with purpose, ” stated Omoyemi Akerele, a fashion consultant to the event.


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2 Responses

  1. Gorgeous…I recently re-connected with the Vlisco site, too, after attending the opening of Yinka Shonibare’s exibit at the Newark Museum. Going to see his work soon at the Brooklyn Museum, too. Maybe we’ll continue to hear more about Vlisco as his work circulates this summer.

  2. therealhousewifeofcookcounty says:

    I have to check Yinka out!! Sounds like an awesome designer.

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