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Celebs Show up to Diddy’s White Party


Diddy’s annual white party was in full effect in celebration of Independence Day and celebs showed up and showed out.  Some looked great and others looked a hot mess.  Diddy and Ashton Kutcher put on this event to raise money for Malaria No More, a non-profit organization designed to prevent malaria in developing countries.  The party was held in Los Angeles instead of the usual upscale spot in the Hamptons.  Nevertheless, the venue was gorgeous and the party looked like fun.

lauren london

Lauren London showcased her belly bump, for the first time, in public.  She is pregnant by Lil Wayne and so is Nivea, they are supposedly due around the same time and Nivea wants to have a woman-to-woman talk her.  I wonder what Lauren London was thinking when she voluntarily joined this sordid love triangle.  Everyday this triangle gets larger and larger, Lil Wayne has accumulated more kids than gold teeth and I wonder when these chicks are gonna learn. At least Lauren is glowing…


Chris Brown brought Amber Rose along as his date but I’m sure he was just babysitting her because Kanye couldn’t make it.  This is interesting because Kanye and Jay-Z are such close friends but we know how Jay feels about Chris Brown. 

Chris Brown even did an impromptu Michael Jackson inspired dance that he was probably dying to do at the BET awards.


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