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NEW VIDEOS: Pleasure P and Drake

Drake’s official video for his hit song, “Best I Ever Had”  has been released.  The video was directed by Kanye West and I already know it’s going to be in heavy rotation.  Drake is the hottest new rapper right now, he doesn’t even have an official CD and he’s on the Billboard charts.

I showed you stills from Pleasure P’s new video featuring Tia Mowry last week.  Well the video is finally out, take a look.

Tia looks sooo cute! It’s good to see her still working after the cancellation of “The Game.”  For all of you fans of the show, it will be returning to tv in the fall!


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2 Responses

  1. T says:

    Um… where did you get the info about the show coming back in the fall? Don’t tug on my heart strings like that. I hope you’re right. I REALLY want to see more of it.

  2. kunta says:

    ok so i go through changes with drake. first i love him hear the song love it. then i see him on stage and hate his guts. then he’s on the bet awards and im back lovin him. now this video???!!! what the hell?

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