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Al Sharpton Just Needs To Stop


On June 30th, fans gathered at the Apollo Theater in New York to celebrate the life of Michael Jackson.  The event began at 2pm and a moment of silence was scheduled at 5:26 pm( the East Coast time of Jackson’s death).  Once again somebody had to act a fool.  There’s always gotta be some fuckery involved in everything.  Well, Al Sharpton decided to get on stage and grind on some ghetto bunny from the audience.  I’m not sure what the exact situation was but I can’t imagine that this would ever be appropriate.  It’s almost as bad as Joe Jackson constantly publicizing his new record label that has “Blue Ray technology”  whenever someone asks him about his son’s death.   

Spike Lee had to get pictures of this fool!
Spike Lee had to get pictures of this fool!


 Click Here for beautiful images from the tribute>>>


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