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So Long, Vibe!


Vibe magazine is officially done-so!  Yesterday, a spokesperson for the magazine stated that production would be shutting down immediately.  With the collapse of print advertising, Vibe lost a lot money due to key ad categories such as automobile and fashion companies going out of business or reallocating funds that would usually be used for advertising.  Quincy Jones and Time Warner created Vibe magazine in 1992 and it was bought by, The Wicks Group, a private equity firm in 2006.  The magazine seemed to decline steadily under the new management after the change in ownership.  The last issue was supposed to feature a topless Christina Milian being held by her fiance The Dream.  It seemed to be a remake of the 1993 Janet Jackson cover on Rolling Stone magazine.



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One Response

  1. kunta says:

    vibe has long been a terrible mag. it’s about time it was taken off the shelves
    x-ina milian looks a mess

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