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Diddy Hits up a Photo Exhibit/Amerie does a shoot/Backstage at the BET Awards


Diddy and Kim Porter attended the “Rock N Roll of Hip Hop” photo exhibit and Kim hosted the VIP celebration that was sponsored by Hennessey.  Photographer Cheryl Fox unveiled her collection at the Beverly Hills Gallery Ceebrity Vault.


Dj D-Nice made an appearance.


ATL Housewife, Nene Leakes, showed up.


Diddy looked so uninterested in Kim.  He was probably itching to get back to Cassie.  Did you notice how he was sitting with Dawn at the awards and made Cassie show up by her damn self? I’m sure he’s hitting off Dawn, Cassie, Kim and a bunch of other people.  Aubrey probably couldn’t get down with sharing him so she bounced.  Think about it.

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