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Another FAIL for BET


BET’s new show featuring hip-hop baby mamas aired last night.  A sneak preview for “Tiny and Toya” premiered right after the awards show and it was trifling.  I never knew Tiny was such a bumbling fool, watching the two of them during the awards was bad enough but the show was even worse.  It doesn’t matter though because I will probably be watching it every week because I am a victim of reality addiction.  I watch every ridiculous reality show except for New York goes to work, I can’t stomach that one.  I can’t believe that Tiny wrote “No Scrubs,” the way they kept showing the award made me think that it must be the only song that she wrote.  I was not expecting both women to have mothers that can rival Frankie.  Well, nobody can compete with Frankie but they were trying.  In case you missed it, check it out below.

So what do you think? Did Tiny get lip injections? Her lips are all over the place. And that nose…I just can’t.


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