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The Rhocc’s Recap of the 2009 BET Awards

The above video is just a little taste of the ignorance that was the BET awards.  I will not badmouth the Jackson family.  They can grieve in any way that they see fit and I think Janet looked gorgeous and heartbroken up there. 

Now for what I think about all of the tomfoolery, ignant, hot azz mess that went on.  Right from the beginning, Jamie Foxx was acting a fool.  I actually liked how he kept it light and allowed us to laugh in spite of such a huge tragedy.  His dancing was hilarious and his outfits were funny.  Some of the jokes were a tad bit inappropriate BUT he seemed to stop himself whenever he felt like he was going to go too far.



I thought Tyra Banks looked gorgeous…from a distance.  When she walked out she was strutting like the top model that she is.  Then I saw the close-up of the lace front and everything was downhill from there.  I’ve finally conceded to the fact that Tyra will never let those baby hairs go….



I really liked Keri Hilson’s MJ inspired outfit.  She was killing the dance moves but she needed to choose between dancing and singing because you can’t always do both.  She needed to lip synch over the track and just wear a headset and concentrate on dancing.  And then there was the end of her performance, was she channeling Michael Jackson or Elvis?  She sounded and looked like she was gonna say “Thank ya, Thank ya very much” at the end.  I didn’t understand what she was trying to do.



Kudos to Keri for having beautiful skin and wearing best new artist.



Beyonce was up there putting to sleep singing “Ave Maria” and Sarah Mclachlan’s “Arms of an Angel”  those are two beautiful songs and maybe she was singing them for MJ.  But what was the big deal about her changing her whole set? All she did was pull that routine from her concert performance and she would’ve been better off singing a Michael Jackson song.  She looked like a deranged bride.  When her dancers came out to dress her, I was expecting something much more fitting.  Why the white glitter leotard and sheer robe with the shoulder pads? Beyonce is gonna be a tacky old woman.  Tina Knowles needs to do better if she insists on styling Bey.  All of those costumes cost thousands and look like they were made by some senile old woman.



Ciara sang “Heal the World” and I think this is the best that she’s ever sounded.  That’s not saying much but I was very nervous when I saw her up there on stage and I could tell that she was gonna sing damn near acapella.  Luckily for her there were much worse things going on.  Her Michael Jackson inspired outfit really worked for her too.



Didn’t you find it funny how Jamie Foxx ushered Beyonce off stage so that Jay could perform?  I could see her thoughts.  She was so confused about what could possibly be happening.  If she wasn’t already married she would have thought she was about to get proposed to.  Her and Jay-Z were very affectionate with each other when her name was called to get her award.  They even shared a peck in public. Was that a first? 



I’m a stan for Jay-Z so I’m gonna say he KILLED it.  I will miss his hair though…it was like watching a forest fire. How big could it get before somebody got hurt?

All of the old school acts as well as the O’jays tribute was fine by me.  The ’90s throwbacks didn’t do the greatest jobs but they’re out of practice that can be expected.  I know Eddie Levert cussed but oh well, like he said, he can do those things.  “Snow, wind and all kinds of sh*t,” I think I died from laughter on the spot.  Trey Songz, Tyrese, Johnny Gill and Tevin did a good job.  I was shocked at how well Tevin did because I’ve seen some crackish pics of him and he looked great last night. 


I’m not gonna even lie.  “Baby Boy” was one of my favorite movies and I loved the spoof.  Until Ving Rhames brought his old ignant ass out.  What was he thinking? He should have stopped after saying “Guns and Butter.”  When he kept going and made the audience say “Guns is Michael Jackson” I knew that there must’ve been something really strong in that pitcher.  When he started calling the BET Awards the Video Awards and decided to go off the deep end, then I realized that he must’ve smoked something strong in addition to that ether that he was drinking on.


I love Taraji but why THIS wig?????


Maxwell can do NO Wrong!!! He was the BIZNESS!! My pretty wings were flapping all over the place. LOL.  I have gone to see him live and I would reccommend that show to anyone.  He is one of the best singers of our time.  He is soooo underrated.  Awesome performance!!!


Alicia Keys and Wyclef Jean were presented with Humanitarian Awards.  I think they both deserved it but although I’m not indigenous to this country, I wonder why a lot of people here don’t do as much charity here.  Alicia Keys for instance is making huge strides in Africa and I love that! But someone needs to do something about the AIDS crisis, parentless children, etc. right here in the US. I’m just sayin’…


Keyshia Cole and Monica sang “Trust” and I think they did a good job.  People may say that Monica sounded better than Keyshia but they are definitely apples and oranges.  Their voices are very different and they looked nice.  Keyshia wore some cute Louboutins and a corset, it was kinda different but I’ve seen worse from bigger stars.  Monica was wearing her customary black leather outfit and edgy haircut.




Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo ran the show.  Jamie Foxx did a good job with “Blame It” and I loved that Travis Barker came out and killed the drums.  T-Pain is a complete buffoon.  He was an idiotic mess drinking Nuvo and sipping from a red plastic cup with his “Big Ass Chain”  eclipsing his MJ t-shirt. 

BET Awards Insider



The presenters did well with their little jokes; Letoya Luckett and Estelle taking notes from Chaka Khan, Paula Patton and Mike Epps joking around and Keke Palmer showing us that she can sing better than most of the performers. I also enjoyed Mary Mary with Queen Latifah. They rocked it for the Lord and people should’ve been on their feet for that performance.  Did anyone else notice that the redhead sista was pregnant? Congrats to her!  But the true highlight (and most heatbreaking) of the night was Janet Jackson speaking on behalf of her family.  She looked beautiful and I just hope that she wasn’t privy to all of the crap that was going on “in honor” of her brother.








Unfortunately, before Janet got up there, there was all types of fuckery going on.

Drake performed and decided to bring Young Money, Lil Wayne and Baby up there.  Drake had a torn ACL so he sat down throughout his performance.  The problem was when all the idiots decided to sing, “Every Girl”  and chanted about f*cking every girl in the world and a bunch of little girls were on stage with them.  The girls happened to be the OMG Girls, a group that Tiny, T.I.’s baby mama, is managing.  One of the girls is Tiny’s daughter and Lil Wayne’s daughter is a member too.  It was a major Fail and such an embarassment.  Why couldn’t Drake just take his limp leg up there and sing “Successful” with Trey Songz?  Dumb Azz Buffoons!!


I wish Soulja Boy would jump in his bed and never jump back out again.

BET27 Did you notice that Lil Wayne brought his Bust-It Baby to the stage when he accepted his award?  She was onstage for the performance.  Yea, I know she’s a member of Young Money but that’s just a good excuse to hit it without explanations. That’s D. Woods’ sister Shanell aka SNL, don’t know who she is? Check my archives.



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