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No Dancing to tribute MJ?

I was surprised to watch the awards and see that there was no dancing in any of the tributes to honor one of the greatest dancers of all time.  I know a lot of people were set to see Chris Brown up there on stage.  There are supposedly two reasons why Chris Breezy wasn’t allowed to perform.  According to BET correspondent, Toure’s twitter page, CB wasn’t allowed to perform because CoverGirl was a huge sponsor.  Covergirl also endorses Rihanna so that makes sense.  There’s no way that they would let that go down.  The second reason is due to Papa Hova.  According to CB’s background dancer and good friend, Jay-Z threatened to pull out of the show if Chris was allowed to perform.  Jay definitely took a page out of his wife’s book.  She banished Letoya Luckett to the stage outside and he just plain banished Chris.  I can’t be mad at him though.  Chris did beatdown his bustdown “little sister.”


I think it’s safe to assume that it was a combination of things that prevented Chris from performing.

Usher wasn’t able to get back to town fast enough from an overseas trip to make it to the awards so he’s planning to tribute MJ at a later time.

I don’t understand why Ne-Yo didn’t dance in one of his 300 performances.  And where the hell was Rihanna? She could have activated her curl and did a great MJ inspired tribute.  She’s been traipsing around the globe in front of the paps in every city and when it really counts she won’t make an appearance at the BET awards? This would have been a great opportunity for her.  Are publicists paid to do nothing?


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  1. […] make it.  This is interesting because Kanye and Jay-Z are such close friends but we know how Jay feels about Chris […]

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