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Diamond, former member of rap group Crime Mob, released a video for the first single off her solo project.  The single is called “Sicknan” which translates to Sickening for all of us non-southerners.  Diamond, who is also Lil Scrappy’s fiance, just held a mixtape release party at Primal nightclub in Atlanta.  When I saw her new haircut, I was kind of surprised because she looks just like her arch nemesis and former group member, Princess. I remember when they had a little riff at Soulja Boy’s 18th birthday party.  They seemed to have a little bit of beef even when they were supposed to be friends. I wonder why they all fell out in the first place…..

Princess(left) and Diamond (right)

Princess(left) and Diamond (right)


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  1. Proph says:

    Lmao. RHOCC u a fool. Where do u find this stuff???

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