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When Twitter Attacks…Again


Celebs and pseudo-celebs alike just need to leave twitter alone.  Their accounts are continuously getting “hacked” and there’s always a nude pic somewhere in there.  Dorian from BET’s College Hill was under attack this morning, if you don’t remember who he is, he was the slightly suspect dancer/model that was always being accused of being gay.  He’s supposedly a young up-and-comer and has since moved from ATL to LA to pursue his craft.  Early this morning someone, presumably a scorned lover, hacked into Dorian’s cellphone as well as his twitter account and released celebrity contact info as well as nude pics.  The hacker went on to “out” male celebs that have supposedly been with Dorian, including, Terrell Owens, Trey Songz, Sammie, producer B. Cox and Tyson Beckford.  WOW!   The hacker also alluded that Dorian infected his friend and slept with someone else’s man…DRAMA!!!  Why does everyone randomly have nude pics???  Did I miss that memo?

Listen to Charlemagne go in on Dorian-Kinda like he did Cassie


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