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Twitter 101:Learn to DM


I am not a huge tweeter but for all of you guys and gals that are, I think you need to learn to send a direct message without blasting all of your info on the worldwide web.  I’m mainly talking to the celebs that tend to make this mistake and then end up with everybody and their mama knowing their business.  Tameka Foster has joined the list of ditzy twits that have mistakenly shared private info over Twitter. 

Last Wednesday, Tameka Foster tweeted her disdain for her lawyer to the infamous attorney Star Jones.

“@starjonesesq my lawyer= horrible. Need the name/number of a good one in Atlanta.”  Quickly realizing her mistake she posted another tweet, “Please delete this…it was a DM mistake. Not for ppl to see. I’m sorry.”  Foster has already been under fire for implying, through her many tweets, that all was well in her and Usher’s relationship.  She would act like they were so in love and even  claimed that they were sending love messages back and forth while he was filming, “Five Killers” with Ashton Kutcher.  When Kutcher convinced Usher to join Twitter, fans became suspicious when Ush made a Twitter account but decided not to follow his wife’s tweets even though she was following his. I’m convinced this relationship was a farce from the start.  Tameka is just racking up baller ex-husbands, before Usher she was married to clothing designer Ryan Glover and she has 3 kids by him, so I’m guessing this chick has set herself up for the next 18 years.  What dirt does she have on these men that convinces them to make her wifey???  I keep hearing that she is a b*tch on wheels but maybe the rumors are wrong.  She must be doing something right. Maybe she got those Chardonnay skills…



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