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More Pics from Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” Video Shoot

Drake, Amber Rose and her bff Dez

Drake, Amber Rose and her bff Dez

Drake shot his new video for “The Best I Ever Had”  earlier this week.  Amber Rose showed up with food for her boo, Kanye, who was directing the video and she brought along her bff, Dez.  Dez and Drake cozied up to each other at the shoot and Amber Rose got familiar with Young Money rapstress,  Nicki Minaj.  Amber even tweeted about her new crush on Nicki:

“YOOOO!!!!! @nickiminaj is f*ckin stunning in person I couldn’t stop staring at her!!!! I would sooooo DO her. F*ck it I can’t even lie!!!!”

Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose

Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose

Kanye betta jump on that while the gettin’ is good! I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first “Minaj”  involving him and Amber Rose.

The video includes cameos from the entire Young Money crew as well as Trey Songz, Fabolous and DJ Clue.  Drake’s love interest is video vixen newcomer, Sophia Marie.  She’s supposedly a medical school student but I don’t know if I believe that rumor.

Drake and Sophia Marie

Drake and Sophia Marie


Peep pics of video model Sophia Marie after the break!





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One Response

  1. Khristal says:

    Man I should have been in this video. I got a basketball outfit like that too LOL

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