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Charlemagne da God goes in on Cassie


Former co-host of The Wendy Williams experience, Charlemagne da God, interviewed rapper Red Cafe and singer Cassie about their new record deals with Bad Boy.  The callers as well as Charlemagne himself seemed to attack Cassie for her lack of talent and the release of her nude pics.  He also went in on Diddy and the Bad Boy “curse.”  He definitely has that Wendy Williams flava, he goes hard.   You might remember Red Cafe from his “date” with Brooke Bailey on the “Candy Girls” reality show.  Clearly that was just a publicity stunt to increase his visibility and I guess it was a good move.

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One Response

  1. incognegro says:

    She kept her composure relatively well…but Charlemagne went in!!! And his ignant listeners didn’t mince words either!!! Truth is, don’t hate the player hate the game. If this girl is staying on the cover of magazines, and manages to still have a record deal with Bad Boy, who are we to be mad? Just don’t buy her album! But don’t call in talking out the side of your neck, or try to insult guests on your show because your salty she is paid! The girl is gorgeous – is she talented? No so much…but, I give have to girl her credit for being able to work her mojo like a part-time job; and I feel that if half the people who hate on her did the same, there’s no telling what heights they could climb.

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