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Milan is a Baller Magnet


Milan, castmate of the current season of College Hill, seems to be getting some groupie love.  Or maybe she’s giving it?  Whatever the case, she is getting mad attention from some NBA ballers.  Kevin Durant, from the Oklahoma City Thunder, asked his fans to help him hook up with Milan via twitter and the Orlando Magic’s Rashard Lewis also confessed a crush on Milan on twitter.  Milan allegedly admitted to having a mutual crush on Rashard via Twitter as well.  Is Twitter the new celebrity edition of Blackplanet? I am seeing more and more celebs and pseudo-celebs airing their dirty laundry and hooking up on Twitter than I ever would have expected.  It’s always shocking to see all of these people talk so candidly on such a public platform.  But hey, it all makes for some great posts for me!

By the way, Milan has supposedly given the boot to her former boyfriend Warren Sapp and he’s fighting mad.  He’s been going off and threatening to damage her “career” for breaking up with him.  He also got pissy about the Twitter attention she received from Rashard and Kevin and God knows who else.  All that aside, I do have one question.  What is this career that he’s going to cause so much damage to???


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