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Do We all Look Alike?


Teyana Taylor and Chris Brown attended the Lakers/Magic game together and various media outlets mistook the poor girl for Rihanna.  They even went as far as to call her a Rhi Rhi clone in some of the gossip rags.  I peeped the pictures and I kept coming up clueless as to why people can’t tell these two young ladies apart.  Okay, I understand that they both have a sick sense of fashion and major -for lack of a better, underused word- swag. BUT they in no way resemble each other.  With an upcoming trial and all of the possible ways that this could backfire why would Chris Brown’s a d Rihanna’s  respective camps ever agree to them sitting that close together anyway?  It would have worked as an “ha ha made you look moment” but that clearly wasn’t what they were trying to do.  Teyana had her usual head full of hair and we all know that aside from the signature rooster cockscomb atop Rihanna’s head that she barely has hair.  So why would anyone think that Teyana was Rihanna??? I am even more confused by the situation because it’s not like these people shouldn’t have an idea of who Teyana is.  She’s not a huge star but news sources like People, TMZ and Associated Press should not be in the dark about her identity.  But maybe I’m giving them too much credit.  Just keep coming to this site for accurate info and you won’t have to worry about screw-ups like this! 🙂


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