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Cover Girl: Christina Milian


Christina Milian snagged a spread in this month’s issue of Maxim and she actually looks great.  It must’ve been shot before she went overboard with the hair bleach.  In the issue she talks about going to strip clubs, lap dances and playing dress up with her boo (The Dream):

Do you go to strip clubs regularly?
Every now and then. I’m for it. Vegas has good ones. I like the Crazy Horse Too. That one’s literally crazy. Only thing I don’t like about strip clubs is the guys will pay the women to give me lap dances because they want to see them dance for me. The strippers will come over and say, “That guy said he’ll give me $100 if I give you a lap dance.” I’m like, “Hey, can we at least split the money?”

What are the most lap dances you’ve had in a night?
At a strip club in Austin. I think I got four, and I didn’t pay for any of them.

You’re in the latest Bring It On film. Did you use the cheerleader outfit as a turn-on for your boyfriend?
I haven’t brought home a cheerleading outfit. Other outfits, yes, like a maid costume: a cute apron with the mitts and a robe, too. It was red. It was really cute. I try a little bit of everything. I’m all about keeping the excitement in the relationship. That’s why I sing songs like “Dip It Low.” When I’m with somebody, I like to keep it exciting.

The Dream recently did an interview with Hip Hop DX and he also had a few things to say about his boo:

The-Dream grew frustrated, when asked about the status of Christina Milian’s Elope album, on his Radio Killa imprint. “I ain’t with all that blogging and shit, man. But what I can and will say about [Christina Milian’s] album is the album is done.” He added, “We’re cutting two new records tomorrow, not because we have to, just because we can and we end up just coming up with certain things and I always want to try her on whatever the record is. Singles and everything, it is just about whether she feels like doing it or not.”

Despite pushbacks on the project and a lot of ridicule coming from several blogs and websites, The-Dream reverted to defended Milian’s stardom by contrasting her film star power, and its dividends, to a less lucrative music industry. “She has a lot of stuff going on in the movie world and actually on TV. Somebody just gave her a lot of bread, and you don’t make enough money in the radio and R&B world, you know when it gets to that particular point. Somebody show up in her house with 10 million [dollars], and then you got a blog full of haters that’s trying to make sure that your shit don’t come out, it’s like what you gon’ do? Let me see, Paramount Pictures wants to give me 10 million, or I got to try to beat my head in the ground to prove something to the niggas that are going to give me five dollars.” Answering his question, the platinum artist said, “You gon’ take that $10 million and ride out. ‘Cause I need a new Phantom, so I want her to take that 10 million.”


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