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Drizzy Finally Gets A Vid


Everyone’s favorite new rapper, Drake Drizzy shot a new video yesterday for his single “Best I Ever Had.”  Kanye West directed the video which seemed to be inspired by a high school basketball game and was shot at Bishop Ford Academy in Brooklyn.  Amber Rose was on set to drop off some din din to Mr. West.  When Kanye was here in the Chi he made a shopping trip to Deliciously Vintage boutique on Halsted.  He bought some hot items and it’s a assumed that it was all for Ms. Rose.  I haven’t said what I really think about this situation but I’m gonna just say it.  Amber Rose is clearly a lesbian woman and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Kanye is not so obviously playing for the other team but at the very least he’s a bit suspect.    This is clearly a relationship of convenience, Kanye’s in it for his image and she’s in it for the gear.  I’m sure they like each other as friends and have a great time shopping together but that’s probably where the relationship ends.  IF they get married it won’t be for the usual reasons that a man and woman hook up.  That being said, I’ve posted wayyyy too much on Amber Rose these past couple of weeks. I’m so over it!


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One Response

  1. Khristal says:

    Man I should have been in this video. I got a basketball outfit like that too LOL

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