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U Likey or U Hatey?


Lala Vazquez is the latest to jump on the “shaved head” bandwagon.  She decided to post a picture of her newly shaved head on Twitter and reviews have been mixed.  Lala isn’t the first to rock a partly shaved coif.  Cassie seemed to be the originator of the trend with her recent decision to take it all off (the pun was definitely intended), but she wasn’t the first to rock the half-baldie.  As for Lala, I think she took a more fashion-forward approach to the look but this is definitely not the look for a corporate woman.  If you don’t have the duckets or type of job that allows you to pull this off then please don’t try this at home.  What are your opinions on this look???

Peep some of the original Baldylocks below:


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One Response

  1. Tea says:

    I couldn’t do it, but hey, more power to her. I follow LaLa on Twitter and she’s pretty down gto earth. She’s prettier in the face than Cassie too, which is why she can pull this off.

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