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Usher and Tameka…the saga continues


 According to various publications, divorce papers have not been filed and Tameka and Usher are still married.  He apparently doesn’t wear his ring because it was lost on tour.  Riiiight…that’s really believable.  A musician worth millions of dollars doesn’t replace a wedding band that gets lost on tour?  Celebs get robbed, lose or give away (see:Plies) their jewelry all the time.  Do they really expect us to believe that Usher loses his wedding ring and doesn’t immediately get it replaced? And when was the last time that Usher was on tour anyway?  I don’t understand why stars continue to deny the things we know as common knowledge and then end up admitting the truth a few days later. Case in point, Jennifer Hudson… that chile ain’t fooling nobody.  She still hasn’t admitted to being pregnant and initially denied the reports.  If that isn’t a baby bump then I guess she wants us to believe that she swallowed a watermelon, WHOLE!  As for Meka and Ush, we’ll just have to see how this all plays out.  She did go out last night to the Atlanta screening of “Imagine That” with one of her sons with Usher and her 2 children from a previous relationship.  Usher and their second son Naviyd were nowhere in sight.  Supposedly Naviyd is visiting his dad in California….hmmmm.



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