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Lil Wayne is gonna end up on Maury


I already told you about Nivea and Lil Wayne supposedly being together and getting engaged. But now the plot thickens. Nivea is allegedly pregnant by Wayne and Lauren London knew nothing about it.  In case you missed it, Lauren London is pregnant and her baby with Wayne is due in September and Nivea’s baby is allegedly due the exact same month.  They are both having baby boys but Wayne supposedly wants nothing to do with Lauren.  She had to find out about his new baby mama by reading blogs!! What a way to discover that your ex is getting married and having another child. Lauren is also said to be afraid that this situation will ruin her budding career.  God bless these babies….


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One Response

  1. Tea says:

    Wayne is nasty. Not because he looks like a gremlin, but because he doesn’t know how to strap it up. This dude also has more drug interactions than Walgreens. I can’t see how you could let someone like that near you without protection.

    Let me stop judging. Maybe the condom popped… for both of them… yeah… maybe that’s what happened…

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