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Songz goes hard at Kellz


Trey Songz, the R&B prince of remixes has decided to take on R. Kelly, the reigning king of R&B.  Songz has already jumped on the track D.O.A.-Death of Autotune originally recorded by Jay-z.  In Trey Songz’ version he specifically targets R. Kelly’s use of the autotune effect.  Do you think this is a wise move on Trey’s part? Can he win this war?

  Peep the lyrics and listen to the track below:

Trey Songz coming, Where Kelly at?
Why be indirect
I think he feelin that, he got the game sold so he layin’ back
Chillin, that’s not a fact, T-pain copycat
Who you got around you, Them people tried to drown you
They put that autotune on you, homies should have clowned you
Kelz you the King, but you trying to be the Dream”


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4 Responses

  1. Tea says:

    R. Kelly is the King of R&B. Not unlike the King of Pop, he like small children… but his music is GOLD. That man is blessed with a gift of song-writing. You can’t tell me feelin’ on your booty wasn’t hot. Who else could come up with those wack lyrics and make a hot song.

    Trey Songz definitely needs to sat down somewhere.

  2. stupiddopemoves says:

    BOOOOOO. stop it. stopitstopitstopit. he really don’t want any problems with Kellz. has he heard the FIRST R&B Gangsta Grillz? Yea, Kellz did that. And to go at the R. with his own style, ridiculous. “You gettin to big for ya britches, you fuckin with a dude that did it with digits, breathing’s a privilege.” that there is the Jigga that trey shoulda been listening to.

  3. stupiddopemoves says:

    Okay, so I posted a lil rant, on the lengthy side about why this was a terrible idea on MR. YUUUUUP!’S part. And then it disappeared, haha. Keepin it simple: BAD IDEA. Kellz: first R&B Gangsta Grillz (and it’s hot!). Goin at Kellz with the style he made dope: inherent contradiction. Dude would not be eating like he is right now if not for the R. Get back at me after a decade plus in the game, idiot.

  4. […] returned to the game with a new summer jam, D.O.A.-Death of Autotune.  I already told you about Trey Songz jumping on the track and gunning for R. Kelly.  I didn’t put up the original version of the song because I hate […]

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