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More Details from That Fateful Night…


I don’t like to talk about the Chris/Rihanna beatdown because I feel like the media has been beating us over the head with it (no pun intended).  But this new tidbit is quite interesting.  Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Yami, who also happens to be Teyana Taylor’s BFF has made a video where she claims that Rihanna beatdown Chris just as bad as he beat her.  She also says that there are pictures that the media has not gotten their hands on that prove this.  She says that after the incident, Chris had various injuries including a scraped up face and busted nose.   I believe that there’s a lot more to the incident than we know but it’s crazy how she’s talking like she was riding in the car with them. She claims that there were no bite marks on RiRi but how the hell would she know?  Anyway, peep the video below and come to your own conclusions.  Hopefully you get to see it before they snatch it down!

(the juice starts at approx. 25:00)

Click Here for the Video

By the way, homegirl looks kinda rough doesn’t she??? At least she cleans up nice. Peep the pics below that are supposedly of her and Teyana at Gucci Mane’s mixtape release party in the “A”:



Is that really her????? What a difference some make-up and gear  makes!!



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