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Confessions Pt. 3????


Usher is always getting caught up in some mess with a cougar.  The current word on the street is that he’s been creeping with Grace Miguel, a 42 year old Def Jam product manager.  The aformentioned woman was seen entering Usher’s hotel room (the Sunset Marquis) at 1:00 am and the pair was also seen shopping in Malibu earlier this month.  If Usher is creeping with this woman, it would explain why he hasn’t been seen with his wife, Tameka Foster,  since her botched plastic surgery attempt earlier this year and this would further explain all of the recent pics that he’s been taking sans his wedding band.  He also isn’t following his wife on Twitter BUT everybody else is because she’s been under attack by “fans” who want to know what’s up with her marriage.  The alleged other woman, Grace Miguel, is supposedly married to the owner of a video production company but why isn’t SHE wearing her ring in the pictures??? Something stinks about this whole thing!  So two kids and a soured relationship with her mother-in-law has still left Tameka Foster… manless.  At least she won’t be broke after all this. Although she continues to deny the rumors that she and Usher are separating, I think the end is definitely imminent.  Denying this is just like JHUD denying that she’s pregnant. The proof is all too visible! I just hope that the children will be okay but we all know that those two will be well taken care of. Usher seems to be an awesome father.  Peep the pics of Usher and his alleged jump-off as well as how he’s obviously flaunting his ringless finger below:


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  1. Great post..I love this site…Thanks

  2. That was a great post…I love this site…Thanks

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