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Amerie makes a comeback


Amerie has returned with a new single titled, “Why R U?”  Her fashion is on point and her voice sounds decent, so why am I not wowed by this new track?  It seems like the same old stuff that we always get from Cassie…oopsie…I mean Amerie.  If this isn’t just a remake of “1 Thing” then I don’t know what it is.  But I think I’m still turned off by her former gig as host of the BET show “The Center.” She was such a limp noodle on that show. I couldn’t stand to watch her host the show day after day so listlessly.  But I heard that this was the track that stopped L.A. Reid from dropping her from Def Jam so hopefully she can pull through and turn this lackluster single into a hit record.  I also noticed Terrence J from 106 and Park, drooling all over Amerie’s little sister/lawyer Angela.  Amerie swiftly informed him that her sister doesn’t have time for the likes of him.  Her quick diss made me wanna go old school and yell out…TREATED!!!!

Click Here For the Official Why R U video


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One Response

  1. Tea says:

    Why does this chick always have to make a comeback. She can’t stay relevant for three weeks without having to come back. I need her to get in the studio and stay there. DANG!

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