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What’s in That Hair?!


Rihanna looked gorgeous (as usual) at the Lakers vs. Magic finals game.  Her outfit was cute and her skin was flawless.  All that aside, as I look at her lately, I’ve been wondering what is she hiding in that hair? Is it only gel and mousse causing it to sit up like that or is she actually hoarding something up there? These are the possibilities that I came up with:

1) a hot dog or hamburger

2) a gun for when Chris Brown might creep up

3) a can of whoop ass (see above for the reason)

4) a makeup bag

5) her dignity and self-respect (via my girl KB)

What do you think is tucked in there? Leave your ideas in the Comments section!


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One Response

  1. incognegro says:

    It might be gel, or it might be something else…? Has anyone seen ‘There’s something about Mary’, remember the hair gel scene? Cameron Diaz’s hairstyle and that of Rihanna looks sickingly similar…ewwwwww, gross!!!

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