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Another Star Commits Suicide


David Carradine, largely known for his starring role in “Kill Bill,” was found dead in his Bangkok hotel room on Wednesday.  The movie star apparently hung himself while on break from a movie that he was shooting.  Here’s the story from

Bangkok, Thailand (CNS) – “Kung Fu” star David Carradine has been found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday. The veteran actor apparently hung himself during a shooting break in his latest film.  The 72-year-old was in the Asian city to shoot a movie, according to his agent.  The film crew noticed his absence when they dined out at a restaurant on June 3. When the staff could not reach him, they just assumed he wanted to rest in his suite at Park Nai Lert Hotel.  A hotel maid discovered the half naked actor in a closet around 10 in the morning on Thursday. According to investigators, he had hung himself with a kind of rope used with curtains. There were no signs that he fought or he was assaulted. He was dead for not more than 12 hours.  However, his agent believed that Carradine died of natural causes, according to ABC news.  Carradine was best known for his role as Kwai Chang Caine in the ’70s TV show “Kung Fu,” as well as its sequels in the ’80s and ’90s. He also starred as the titular Bill in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” volumes one and two.  His most recent role was as a Chinese gangster in the 2009 action film “Crank: High Voltage.”

He was an awesome actor and my heart goes out to his family.


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