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The Dream Effect


It seems that dating The Dream is a recipe for disaster.  After being courted by The Dream, beautiful brunettes seem to instantly transform into washed out blondes.  There’s nothing wrong with blonde hair when it’s a woman’s natural color or if it’s executed correctly ( see: Mary J. or Beyonce).  You would think that dating/marrying a super-producer would increase your stock in the music biz but not in this case.  Singers,  Nivea and Christina Milian, have both fallen prey to the advances of a certain hitmaker.  The “Radiokilla” a.k.a. The Dream has had an adverse effect on these ladies’ careers and it ain’t like they were doing so well in the first place.  Now I’m just waiting for the day that C. Mili and Dream turn into the new school Bobby and Whitney.  Nivea is dating Lil Wayne at this point and we all know that there’s no hope for that relationship.  Can’t these women see the toxicity in these relationships???   

How long will it be before Christina is making interviews like this???? <<Click for Comedy!


Peep pics below: 

The Evolution of Nivea

The Evolution of Nivea


The change in Christina

The change in Christina



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  1. Tea says:

    Fab observation. Hamburglar stay away from me!!! LOL!

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