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More reasons why I SHOULD be watching awards shows


Due to the fact that I’m not a big fan of awards shows, I always miss the good parts! Something always happens that creates a buzz and I’m always the last to know.  Thanks to the worldwide web, I get to see all the tomfoolery that I’ve missed albeit a bit late.  I wasn’t going to post this stuff because it’s posted everywhere but this is for all of those people that don’t troll the internet looking for foolish material.  You might have missed out on a few disgusting things


Halle Berry got frisky with Jamie Foxx when accepting her award at Spike TV’s Guy’ Choice Awards.  She got the award for a “Decade of Hotness” and I must admit Halle is flawless. I love that her hair is short again but this spectacle caused me to throw up just a little bit in my mouth. Halle is too good for this. Jamie on the other hand? He’s arrived…and he probably “arrived” right there on stage ;).


Click for more cringe-worthy pics


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2 Responses

  1. incognegro says:

    Who wrote the lyrics “my bum is in your face, my bum is in your face…” – talk about irony for that ass (literally). There are so many damn puns that could be used for this foolishness, but you are what you eat – and Eminem is one of the biggest assholes this side of the Mississippi River. So this is just a little poetic justice, and I think that he might have met an ass bigger than he is (lmfao). Ha Ha *pointing finger*

  2. phatmac says:

    this jamie/halle thing is nutty (npi). yea, they’re actors, and monster’s ball was more than this, but an awards show. i guess she felt the need to put a stamp on her decade of hotness. that and kiss a brotha rather than be mugged by adrian brody. i wonder how her husband felt tho?

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