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“I’m Not a Monster”


I’ve pretty much steered clear of the Chris Brown/Rihanna fiasco because it was a topic on every website, tv and radio show and all other types of media for months.  I decided to post this because although we’ve seen Rihanna every single day for the past month, Chris has hardly made a blip on the radar.  I’ve just seen some new video and it implies that Chris Breezy will be returning to the limelight in the near future.  He’s been hanging out with Bow Wow and we knew that when Boweezy announced the members of his crew, YRD.  Breezy and Boweezy were hanging out with Shaq and Chris Tucker at Shaq’s crib and it kinda surprised me. The celebrities that randomly hang together will never cease to amaze me and the celebs that support Chris Brown always throw me for a loop too.  It’s not like I think the boy should be dragged out of his home and stoned in the streets but he needs to be punished for his actions.  And these celebrities with children (especially daughters) that are taking him under their wings and bringing him into their homes boggles my mind. After some intense counseling and some soul-searching, maybe I could believe that he’s remorseful of his actions but I have yet to see some contrition from this kid.  It will really put me over the edge if he doesn’t serve any jail time and Michael Vick has been damn near exiled from society because of his actions.  Just because Chris Brown is a cute kid that will shuck and jive on demand, it doesn’t mean that he should get off scot-free.  Maybe his supporters would feel differently when he decides to go off again and bust their mama, sister, daughter or friend in the eye.  Can you imagine the look on Puffy’s face if Chris Brown hauled off and blacked Janice Comb’s eye? 

Peep video and pics of Chris at Shaq’s mansion after the break!

Bow Wow, Shaq. Chris Brown and Chris Tucker Bow Wow, Shaq. Chris Brown and Chris Tucker

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