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Crazy for Kim


Call me crazy but I still don’t get the public infatuation with Kim Kardashian.  She’s cute and she has an attractive, successful boyfriend.  Okay….that describes a whole lotta people.  Oh yea, she had a sex tape…once again, that describes a lot of people.  Well, it seems that not only does the public love this girl but the celebs do too. She’s been hanging out with Sanaa Lathan and by default she’s now best buds with Gabrielle Union as well.  Lala Vazquez and Ciara are the newest editions to her fan club and it makes me wonder who’s gonna be next.  Kim is the queen of being famous for no damn reason and if nothing else, I gotta give her props for pulling that off.  Are they all publicity whores that think hanging together will increase their star power? Or genuine friends that truly enjoy hanging out together?

Peep the pics of Kim with all of her gal pals below.


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