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Rumor Mill: Is Beyonce Having a Baby?


According to Destiny’s Child Rumours Blog, Beyonce wants to have a baby.  The blog received a letter from a person that claims to be currently working on tour with Beyonce:

Firstly I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your blog.  I am currently working on the “I AM….Tour” with Beyonce, her mother and the rest of the crew. I won’t give my job role for obvious reasons.  I heard an argument between Tina and Beyonce by accident. Tina is worried that Beyonce will soon loose Jay-Z to a less successful woman, meaning someone who has time to have his children. Jay is not getting any younger and is desperate to have them. Beyonce has been so focused on her career that Jay-Z has gone to the way side. I know Jay-Z had a brief affair with someone and their marriage was nearly over. Tina told Beyonce she is to blame for this and needs to do something about it.  This is why recently you have seen Jay-Z and Beyonce spending more time together, she is trying to rebuild bridges. Her recent announcement to have take a break is in actual fact to have a baby. Tina has told Beyonce that she will look after the child in a year and when she is ready to return to work. Is it NOT want Beyonce who wants it but she is pressured to do it by her family and Jay.  Oh and by the way, Beyonce reads this blog and is not happy.

I wonder how true this is.  It sounds believable but I’m always skeptical of anonymous info sent by a person that’s supposedly “close” to a celebrity.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if Bey popped a shorty out real soon because I don’t believe for one second that Beyonce is in her twenties.  That girl is about 35 and they really need to stop with the 3 consecutive years of celebrating her 25th birthday.


She’s released her new video and I assume she’s talking about Jigga’s big, huge……EGO.

She looks like Tina spit her out! Doesn’t she?

Peep the pics below of the happy couple  tooling around Spain.




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2 Responses

  1. Cynthia says:

    B and her girls looks beautiful..almost as beautiful and me and my girls on my blog LOL

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